Wild Rabbit Interiors Showroom, within Chris Davidson’s Flooring, English Damside, Carlisle
Faux flowers, glass vases, ceramic vases, faux plants
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Faux Blueberry spray
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Welcome to Wild Rabbit Interiors

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A very warm welcome to Wild Rabbit Interiors. We create and handpick bold and vibrant gifts for your home. From wall art to cushions, candles, coasters and decorative items, we try to find items you can't find on the high street. We search for local suppliers and take our inspiration from the beautiful Cumbrian countryside.  Our collection of artwork by Lucy Melrose changes regularly and allows you to choose a size, colour and frame to match your home perfectly. We hope you enjoy browsing.

Please get in touch if you see something you might like in a different colour or size and we will get right on to making it for you.

And last of all, delivery is free.